We are a proud distributor of Asahi-America Pipes and fittings


Asahi-America Proline® Advanced PE
Chem Proline® Advanced PE

Thermoplastic is the name given to various forms of polymers that can be reshaped and connected using heat. As fabricators of thermoplastics, we have worked with these materials for many years. We know not all thermoplastics are created equal; that’s why we choose Asahi-America’s Proline® lineup of thermoplastic pipes and fittings for our services. We are also a distributor of Proline® pipes and fittings. For questions regarding our Proline® services or for a quote regarding distribution, fill out the form below or find our contact information here.

Asahi-America Proline® Pigmented Polypropylene
Proline® Pigmented Polypropylene
Asahi-America Super Proline® PVDF
Super Proline® PVDF
Asahi-America Ultra Proline® ECTFE Halar®
Ultra Proline® ECTFE Halar®