The Future of Plastics

Since the copyrights of FDM 3D printers expired, there have been numerous advancements in the technology. As a company dedicated to solving problems for our customers, we have decided to stay at the forefront of these technological advances. As such we are now offering 3D printing services. Almost nothing is out of reach when considering your next project. Whether it’s figurines for your next D&D session, an integral prototype, or an end use part, we have the tool you need.
Please note as this is new for our company, the volume of orders we are able to process, and the nature of additive manufacturing, wait times given are only estimates.

3D Printing Timelapse Video

If you would like to see our 3D printer in action, click here.

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To get started with your 3D printing project, send us a message with a general idea of what you are wanting printed. A representative will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the viability of your request and what the estimated cost and wait time will be.
If you already have an .stl or other common 3D file, we can print those; otherwise our 3D artists/engineers can help create exactly what your looking for.